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Firmware v6.3 Release

PCN 2011-06-03-01
-V and -V-E power/temperature considerations
PCN 2008-03-06-01
Some G2s Upgraded Firmware
PCN 2007-12-11-01
G2 Alphanumerics / Graphics Upgraded FW
PCN 2007-09-25-02
All Displays – Backlight Life
PCN 2007-07-11-01
G2 Alphanumerics / Graphics Upgraded FW
PCN 2007-02-20-01
G2 Graphics
PCN 2006-08-24-04
VFD2041 PCB 2.0 Feature Enhancement
PCN 2006-07-17
LK202-25 PCB 3.0 Release
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