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GLT240128The GLT240128 is an intelligent graphic liquid crystal display engineered to quickly and easily add an elegant creativity to any application.  In addition to the RS232, TTL and I2C protocols available in the standard model, USB and RS422 communication models allow the GLT240128 to be connected to a wide variety of host controllers.  Communication speeds of up to 115.2kbps for serial protocols and 100kbps for I2C ensure lightning fast text and graphic display.

The simple command structure permits easy software control of many settings including backlight brightness, screen contrast, and baud rate.  On board memory provides a whopping 256KB of customizable fonts and bitmaps to enhance the graphical user experience.

User input is available through a resistive touch overlay, and six general purpose outputs provide simple switchable five volt sources.  In addition, a versatile Dallas One-Wire header provides a communication interface for up to thirty-two devices. 

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Manual for PCB revision 4.0

Manual for PCB revision 4.0 of the GLT240128, GLT240128-422, and GLT240128-USB displays including the LPC17xx processor.

Autocad Drawing for PCB Revision 4.0

Autocad .dwg style drawing of the GLT240128-25, GLT240128-25-422, and GLT240128-25-USB displays.

Manual for PCB revision 1.1

Manual for PCB revision 1.1 of the GLT240128 and GLT240128-USB displays using the Atmel Atmega processor.

Drawing for PCB revision 1.1

AutoCAD .dwg style drawing for PCB revision 1.1 of the GLT240128 and GLT240128-USB displays.

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