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LK202 25 WBCharacter LCDs

Covering the most popular liquid crystal display configurations, control of the modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered via RS232, RS422, I2C and USB. Meant to save time and money, we have worked to ensure that the tedious timing and special conditions typical of display controllers have been eliminated from our interface to help get your project to market faster.

Character OLEDsOK202 25 White

Our Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays provide improved readability via high contrast output and wide viewing angles.  Additionally, OLED technology requires significantly less power to operate than VFD or even LCD units and can operate in more extreme temperature conditions than an LCD.  These versatile displays can upgrade the look of an existing product, or become the focal point of a new design.

character-vfdCharacter VFDs

Our vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) have a longer life and are the brightest of displays. They do not suffer from perfomance effects due to varying temperature and they deliver a higher viewing angle. Control of modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered via RS232, RS422, I2C or USB communication. Optional VFD Filters available to customize your display to coordinate with your application.

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