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GTT Series

GTT35A Demo Rev3Matrix Orbital's GTT is a feature rich intelligent display which combines top of the line TFT LCD's with integrated touch screens, on-board memory for custom fonts, graphics and animations, a piezo buzzer for audio feedback, and much more! These top of the line displays combine Matrix Orbital's years of experience in the serial interface field with a dazzling full color display using our familiar and easy to use intelligent interface.

Bring your project to life with an abundance of colors, controllable with an easy to use touch screen. With our extensive selection of interface options communicating will always be easy! Start creating gorgeous interfaces that can be controlled with the tip of your finger.

GTT29A (5)
GTT35A (12)
GTT38A (5)
GTT43A (15)
GTT50A (11)
GTT52B (5)
GTT70A (14)
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